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When someone asks us, who are we, we usually tend to state our names, our ages, what
country we are born into and our job titles; most of which doesn’t reflect any bit of who we
This workshop is an empowering experience to help us recognize what aspects of your
environment contributed and remain to contribute to our disconnection with our truth. We
will understand how ‘who we are’ has been redefined by society, culture and media, leaving
us no room to explore and express the true self that lies far beneath all the noise.
By growing awareness towards who we have become, we will gain tools that will help us
reconnect to our true selves, that will provoke us to want to know who we truly are and get
rid of the shame, the guilt, the self-punishment and self-blame that limits us from truly
embodying that truth.
If you want to truly get to know who you are, to make sense of why you feel the way you do
and begin to embrace your true self, then join our sacred circle and let’s begin our journeys
We end our workshop with a Guided Meditation.

Workshop Fees: 350

Duration :3 hrs


the underwater life, exotic Beaches & diverse culture 


Oil Painting Workshop

Our target and the catch is “Finish a painting in one day” 
Using oil paint, Yara will help each delegate create a painting of their choice. You will learn the basics and techniques needed to complete this painting in one sitting.

Duration : around 3-4 hours


 Make sure to get with you the materials below:

• 25*40 size white canvas 
• Flat (square-shaped) Brushes sizes 3 different sizes (2, 8, 24)
• 12 colors-set of Oil Paint

Date: Friday 26-Nov